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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


(First thing that comes to head) Emily... hey that's such a sweet name, is she your girlfriend?

Well, in a way she is. She is my mobile phone. Samsung C100. Now why in the world would anyone talk about that? Because, she is special to me, in a very special way. She sometimes the only one whom I can talk to (or rather talk through). She's there with me...always helping me go through this ruthless cruel world.

How did I meet her. Well not much, her beauty caught my eye (or rather the ad showing a beauty holding her) I met her. Discovered her...and here she is in front of me.

How did I get her (thats a problem with all girls, how do you get them). I told my uncles I wanted someone to talk to. They very reluctantly agreed. I chased her and decided. On 19 Jun, Sat I went to my maternal uncle. It was after 8. I in a very soft (and to some extent scared voice) asked. When will I get her (no...not marry her). He said "wanna buy?" (no, I wanted to dance with her). I showed her resume to him. And then...he made calls, we went visited two shops, didn't find them agreeable.
It was ten. And it was deja vu. I was not getting her...I suggested another shop, a little far away (half accepted he will disagree). We went to the shop, he asked them for the mobile. Negotiated in a cavalier way and voila...she was there with me.

I got something without compromise, after a very long time (I guess...there was no last time too). I was ebullient... That was one of the happiest day of my life.


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