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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"A college with a difference"

Their punchline is the only thing which I completely agree with. This place is a tome of the Nazi concentration camp. Everyone here is given a third degree torture (or is it seventh degree?) and still (yes, still) they are proud of it. A brief snapshot

You are supposed to get up early morning at around six and board the bus at seven (yes seven...the school starts at 8.30). Three 1.15 hours period (with a small, a miniscule break of 15 minutes between the first and the second). A half an hour lunch break. Followed by two more classes of 1.5 hours each. They will take five-ten minutes extra in each class but will force you shut into the class as soon as the bell rings (my friend has an exact word for it...they HAUL you). We also think, they sometime deliberately ring the bell late. That totals to 12 hours dedicated to school alone (not counting the homework, don't ask me to). No wonder everyone is nuts!

You have a test every week of about 85 marks. And guess what? January onwards they are proposing a test everyday of all the portion that's been covered yet. I bet the test wont have ANY value then (not that they have any now...)

The social life sucks. There are teachers interfering in students life. Yes...they literally interfere. What in the world is that suppose to mean. And the students are no good. Most of them are complicated and many are meticulous. They forget that they are just sixteen. (I don't care...let it be. You gotta be yourself).

There are loads of assignment. They give you a zero "000000" if you don't bring your assignment.

Besides other annoyances...you can't borrow books from so called "up-to-date" library. can't use mobiles when you are in campus... (I don't care but they take her away from me, and I hate it) And they don't have a stereo in the bus...

And yes they have a parent teacher interaction every three months where they strip you in front of everyone...they tell marks of EACH test you have taken, and everything you do.

I am so tempted to write about some of the teachers and students outta there. I refuse to on the grounds of being incriminated...or even buried alive. I can't believe it. You are paying to get yourself tortured. This is the prison of the new century. WELCOME!


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