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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Google world, adieus!

I just think that Google and its people are all set to a world monopoly.

Grad students Larry Page & Sergey Brin create search engine BackRub in 1996, using a dorm room as a data center. Several years and many millions later, they renamed their company.

Its now known as Google.

Google, emerges as both a verb and a leader in online search. (Heard about "Just Google it!")
Its derived from word "Googol" which means numeral 1 followed by 100 (yes hundred) zeroes

Gmail came with storage of 1GB! (well even rediff has same capacity but no one bothers to look at it, probably because its Indian). On being questioned company stated that "Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible." People did anything to get those few "invitations", some even getting their arms tattooed with the word Google.

Its other products - picassa 2, froogle, google desktop search are just in line. Blogger incidentally happens to be a Google innovation as well.

Whats latest it Google taking over Wikipedia. Wikipedia.org which emerged as world's (free) global encylopedia a few years ago, is in dire need of funds to keep it going. I just happend to read that google is keen to offer "help" for nothing in return. Google happend to take over Usenet as well sometime ago and collaborated the interface with Google groups, now Usenet is a non-existant entity. I personally like Wikipedia and I don't think I would like to see it as Googlopedia. I cross my fingers...

Its a small world, please don't make it smaller.


  • I don't get it...in this case, why is it a bad thing even if Google is set for a world monopoly?

    By Blogger Meghna, at March 07, 2005 10:54 PM  

  • A world monopoly of any kind is bad, let alone that of the WWW. Just like Microsoft, everything will then be made keeping Google in mind, and would lead to demise of budding interfaces and softwares and ultimately creativity itself.

    By Blogger Gates, at March 08, 2005 2:19 PM  

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