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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


In the Loneliness of the dark
I looked out of the window
I felt miserable at heart
& decided to stroll down the path

Alone I walked with questions in my mind
Why was life so rude and unkind?
Cars sped by fast
I walked about carelessly

Who cared? Who cares?
I thought to myself
Why was life so harsh on me?
A tear trickled from my eye

I could not say why
Was I missing my home?
Or was I feeling all alone?
I waited for a call

There would be someone behind
I smiled to myself
and turned around...
But, the smile just drowned

This would all pass by
I told myself
Just a nightmare which would never be true
I will wake up and find all my friends though few

Who loved me who cared for me
Yes this is a dream!!! I found my self yelling
Please relieve me of this numbness
I don't wanna die of this loneliness...!!!


  • Dear Gates'

    dont worry, every cloud has a silver lining.have fun! enjoy !

    your friend forever,

    guess who !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 19, 2005 9:02 PM  

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