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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bad gets worse

I had a headache, cold, cough and everything I didn't want on a Sunday. Sundays are important, they come only once a week. Took some medicines when I could take it no more (I hate medicines, next to syringes and doctors).

While coming back from dinner, I could hardly think anything, except about the headache, what I should do about it - one of suggestions being eat more ice-cream.

I fell down. I don't remember how much time I was there, or how I fell (probably I stumble on the boulder). Something was paining, my leg. I looked at it, there were no bruises, no cuts, yet the pain (as if I didn't have enough).

I thought I would call and tell someone, someone who I know wouldn't ask questions but rather get me some water, still deciding, I reached for Emily...

"What the fuck!!". Everything just swarmed in my head. I had her in my hands. I desparately looked around. 5 minutes and no sign of her.

I was in front of Accenture. I went to the security and asked officer for a flashlight. He asked me, which dept I was working for (what made him that I was even working). I explained the situation. He promptly sent a guard. As I was looking for her, several guards came and tried finding her.

Yet, I couldn't find her. Last year, 'today' she came into my life. And there she has left my life.

Don't feel like anything. I wanted to tell someone. I couldn't call the two odd nos. in my head, they were invalid or were no more in my life, just like her...

Feeling a little dizzy. I got the nos. from my online Address Book (most of them). I know I am not gettin another mobile, for its hopeless to explain my parents (whose not-so-secret desire is that I should not waste time on her) to get me another. Who said I was a human being?


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