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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Time: 02"00 AM
Its hot. He opens his eyes, sees the fan slow
He sleeps. He does that again, and once more till he can't bear it anymore.
He curses, and gets up to speed the fan.
His feet touches the cool smooth floor...

He forgets the fan, sleeps on floor.

"Get up!!!!"

Most of the people I know have already shouted that at me a million times, and they all would tell you, how "receptive" I am while I am sleeping. Since I spend quite a long time on this, I listen to music, eat dinner and sometimes even respond to phone calls (some of my friends start with a simpler greeting, "Are you sleeping?").

I can sleep forever. It IS the best thing to do. My record has been for 14 and a half hour at a stretch. Not that I wish to extend it. Half the world is already up my head for this innocent act of mine.I sleep anywhere... Lab, chemistry class, physics class (till the teacher shakes the earth), bus, sometimes even when I am standin!

I like to sleep on a king sized bed, with pillow under my arm. Its recommended no one else sleeps on that bed before me being aware of it. The "else" often gets there under my arms instead of pillow. I often take a survey of the whole bed while sleeping, just for security purposes.

Waking me up is easy, you don't do it.
If you must, make it slow and gentle. Keeping some food nearby is helpful. Do it the other way, then you had it. You are deemed as the worst fahrbot ever born on God's green earth. Results follow.

Statutory warning: Waking me up might cause injuries to you. Extreme smooth handling recommended.


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