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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lets dent it.

From last month, I have got a regular problem, my teeth. I still can't figure out why? I brush everyday (believe me everyday) and floss every week. What the hell. I have now (forcibly)lowered consumption of soft drinks (esp. my fav Mountain Dew) and chocolates (esp. Munch). Boooo..

Those dentist were like God to me when I was young. My cousin got braces, and were told to eat lot of ICECREAMS!!! And out came large Ice Creams and me gettin to share them (in a way of speaking, large chunks accidently happen to make way to my stomach, I still wonder how)

But look at me, I am scared to goto those white coat monsters. I am ready to bear all this, for the fear of those white bears (with a torch on their head).

Just thinking of them putting those werido lookin tools makes my stomach goes sick. Looks like some distorted rockets to me (when they touch you they do cause explosion, don't they??). They have got those rotating drills and they want to drill my teeth, my TEEEEETH!

On top of that, they intend to see everything inside usin a freakin small mirror. What if they by mistake....jeez

"Oh God, bless thy soul.
Thy shalt not dig a freakin hole.
Munch is yummy and so is Mountain Dew
I dunno why, I just can't live without the two."


  • I did visit the dentist. looking at the "tools" I literally refused to open my mouth. He didn't do much, he also added my teeth were "clean" :-)

    By Blogger Gates, at May 14, 2005 10:39 PM  

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