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Monday, July 04, 2005


War of the worlds
I see the movie. On the first Sunday after its release. The movie was very nice and every pixel of the special effect was spell binding.

However, what I am pointing out here is a clumsy "experience".

Third floor, at the Worldspace Promotional tell-the-ans. contest
"The movie, War of the Worlds is based on a novel. Who is the author of it?" This one was easy H.G. Wells. One of my friends had it and I was plannin to read it anyway.

She calls me out and asks me to repeat the answer. Then "Give the name of one more novel by H.G. Wells."

I didn't know the ans. my mates in crowd tell it out to me and I tell her. "The Time Machine". "Tell me name of one more". At this none of the people have any clue. She says she will embarrass me a little more, she will put my name in the draw if I sing a song. (embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed? Re: Song, If I started singin' the half the odd thousand outta there would run away while the other half would run after me and kill me.)

The thing is, I had discussed this with a school mate of mine just a day before. The name of the three novels, the story and all the stuff and how realistic could it be. For some reasons "Propers", those phone nos. dates and names refuse to make an impression my grey cells. Everything is just there but I can't recall it. It doesn't, what do you say....rebound when I need it.

Still trying to recall whom I had that conversation with... Dakota Fanning?

Wait who is that?


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