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Monday, July 04, 2005

Life in motion

"I think I should give him a call and tell him where I am"

(I put my hand in my pocket)


Realization : I don't have my mobile anymore. Its weird that everyday I pass that place, I look around as if I will find it. I am turning insane (as if I am sane enough now). Gotta stop doing it.

"Would you go to the fourth block?"

(The 'rick driver looks at me and signals me to get in while he chats his music away all along the way. I notice the guy has a Nokia 6800, and I feel like screaming till all my hair burns out.)

Realization : Everyone else has cell phone. They are not those cheap 3310s. Here we are talking bout n-gages and 6800s with color displays and everything in the world.

I happen to call quite a few people (except my parents and everyone one who has gates-spends-too-much-time-on-mobile thinking), to ask them if they have a spare set for a few days.
I could easily arrange for phones when my friends needed them. However, now, that I need one, everyone's phone has disappeared.

Realization : Its only when it rains in your area that all the extra umbrellas are borrowed.

Half my friends threaten me to call them up, else I will be doomed. The other half email me askin' "You nut, why are you sleepin' all the time, have you decided to sleep permanently". Keeping track of those nos. is difficult, I just can't punch those (stupid) "proper" numbers to my head. My life in motion has just turned into a nice mess.

And it perfectly complements all the mess in my room.


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