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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Color Color!

Originally uploaded by Normando.

5 things I've learnt on this Holi:

5. The best way to get yourself all drenched is tell them that you are not playin' or somethin' like that, and wham, you are colored head to toe. And no don't try reverse psychology, because if ya tell them to go ahead they'll gladly do so..Heck!

4. When those cute-lookin'-li'l children ask what your favourite color is, never say Green, for that love stained color shows on your face, esp brows and ears, and in my case on extra-sensitive-can't-tolerate-nothin' nose, for good time.

3. No use of your backup mobile, you might as well throw it in the nearest bin. The inbox gets full and the battery gets drained in a jiff. Yes, that means I lost my phone again for the nth time.

2. Stay away from those female rogues who keep darin' those children "Unko rang lagane mein dar lagta hai kya?" And tell every other person, tell ya what, I think you look a lot better like this or for that matter, Jesus H. Christ, these colors have absoultely no effect on you, you all are scary as ever.... big grin

1. The best part is the evening, when you get to eat, and eat and eat...whoooooo!


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