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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Once upon a time....that's how I wanted to start my next post and I don't care if it looks odd..

So comin' back

Once upon a time... there were four GoldFishes Golly, Goldie, Gluda and Gennet.

Golly and Gennet passed away (either that or eaten by my bro) when I had been outta town.

Gluda had some kinda gastric (or gastronomic?) trouble, for when I returned I found him eager to throw up (I was later told Father tried treatin' him). It died and was buried in the kitchen dustbin.

Goldie is still here...she's become like a dog, standin' on its bottom when I come to give it food. Actually she floats, but it looks like that Tom&Jerry fish doin' those antics.. comin' over the surface for the appetizer, the main course....take its time and then come back for dessert, even though its the same goddamn food ;-) Its fat, but honestly, I can't recall if she looked thinner any given day. She gets better meals than I do (three times a day, when I wake up, 3 o clock and midnight) and every now and then she acts as if its white shark, or blue whale or somethin'...looks very fishy!

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