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Monday, December 27, 2004

Honey! I am home...

Those "night outs" and "midnight teas"
Those "birthday bumps" and "old torn jeans"
The same "kheer", and the "late night walks"
Those "mother's pickels" and the fight for them.
They call it "hostel". I call it "home"

It is THE Heaven. One storeyed bungalow, small garden (with a rose plant, how convenient), eight rooms and 21 crazy people...oops! angels. And my room is THE room. The only room with a balcony, terrace and a green wall (did I tell ya green is my favourite color). Strategically located in the heart of city, in close vicinity of both Shopper's stop and a huge HEART hospital

Most of the people here are doing their MBAs and they have very successfully been able to confuse me...they get their mind (read noses since they don't have any mind as such) roasted, everyday, everytime. Maybe I should reconsider my decision to do an MBA.

I am the youngest (and yes...the sweetest). Though there are people who will give even Hippos and Elephants creep, they treat me like a small brother...a pesky one at that. Who spends time in bathroom which seems like eternity, eats food equivalent to 6 months child and is lazy like a persian cat. (Did I hear you call me Jughead? grr...)

There are unspoken rules. Thy shall not enter a room without knocking. Thou shall keep food for your room mates. Share home made food you got from your native home ( thats the cruelest, I hate sharing cakes which my aunt makes) and... send good messages to Hutch people.

Coming to think of it. Hutch has changed our lives. Most of them have hutch and those who don't are considered lunkheads, for hutch gives unlimited free messages to another hutch. So we keep in touch in a better way, arrival of (bad) dinner, birthday (bumps) celebrations and some classified missions as well...

I have many complains too...there is a person who flicks my hankys. I have vowed. If I come to know, I will let every person in my phonebook know about it.

We never get what we want. We never have what we like. We never like what we have. Still we live, still we love, still we hope that some day we will get what we love...love what you have. Thats life, live it.


  • how sweet of u to appreciate ur hostel life !!
    u have the option to appreciate only ur heavenly hostel... but not our ever sucking college.
    i had been to your hostel i think twice, nice place.u r right , in the heart of a city near a heart hospital that too...
    a place to live life than struggle to do so.a place not meant fer some one who is willing to study,thats in mine and ur case only i guess.

    i too sometimes think of leaving engineering and doing mba?? good idea right??
    whateva... anything or any place is better than deeksha... sucks to the core !!! place of absolutely no life. ***** beep ******

    ha ha
    in the middle of the night u hear some scuffle, dont worry its me... NIGHTFOX who has come to see ma friend.

    By Blogger Night Fox, at December 27, 2004 8:07 PM  

  • Hey, stop polluting the place with Geeksha's mention everywhere...
    Gates, dude, you sound like you've found a lovely place to stay...! Good for you! I've always wanted to live in hostel... I sill wanna... just enjoy thew place double, for me too...
    Thanks dude... go have fun...!

    By Blogger Aveek, at January 18, 2005 8:41 PM  

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