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Monday, January 03, 2005

Struggle Forever?

"There was a butterfly struggling out of pupa. A young boy saw it. His heart melted and he promptly helped the butterfly to come out. The butterfly died after few minutes. Moral: Struggle is indispensable."

That was the story told by someone at the camp. I liked it, for it made perfect sense. And now I hate it because people, read devils, are overreacting in making us "artificially struggle". Yes! What they do now is to forcefully push the butterfly in deeper and tell them that struggle will make them better (can't that kill as well?), or setup a timetable defining how the butterfly should come out (heard something called naturally?), or they keep telling the butterfly to work hard and come out flying colors (how many people take that?), or the "little push" they give when you are stuck (how many of you fell down and got hurt?) Bloody impracticality of the camp!!!

My parents in 10th kept telling "Its the first and the most important step (on shit) ". Now they tell me that once you get into a good mechanical shitty camp...life is rosy there after. I bet its still sick. Ask the ones who are there. They do three things..cram, cram and cram. After that find a job (try that when we have engineers coming out in Kilos) and once on job always on job. (My uncle...IITian. Some don't-know-what GM still works from 4 in the morning to 8 in the evening) .The damn struggles will be there FOREVER. I bet my pants on that.

Why look for roses in horizon? They too have thorns. You don't see them till you get near. Why can't they just leave it on us??????? We are humans too, not some supercomputers (had I been one, the way they are TRYING to overclock me, I would have burnt out anyway). Jeez... can anyone get some money from the Prime minister RELIEF fund for me?


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