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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Nocturnal period, a result

One thing I like about you,
Is that you work with your heart, no matter what you do.
Oh ! You take so much of pain,
You can't help much when you don't have option of using your brain

I am sitting here,
wondering why am I so happy
I am discovering there is fun
Even in changing a baby's nappy

Accidents happen in a flash
Its due to driving rash,
You probably ended with just a sash
But do you realize, this accident you turn your life into hash?

I got up early
Isn't that rare?
It was a new feeling,
I could almost taste the air

Everyday girl,
Oh! she is so caring.
After slashing thru the heart, she asks
"Dear, do you need anything?"

The hardest thing I do everyday,
Is to turn and walk away.
Cant show how much you had meant to me
But you can't keep me tied, my heart is now free

There is blood and there is gore,
It pains like hell when the wounds are sore.
"Need any help?" is what they ask,
When my body is shaken right upto the core.

How can you be so cold?
Does everything need to be told?
Do you still have humility?
Or along with love, even that is sold?

Some more of my (stupid) poems. Written as late as 6AM. These days I just can't sleep before 3AM, I dunno why. Jeez, Gates seems to have become a nocturnal creature!!! (can't sleep? Surely something is wrong with me).


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