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Saturday, August 06, 2005

London blasts

Finally after a few days of actual incident, I came to know about it. (I read newspapers as frequently as once a month). My theories of why authority was (supposedly) taken off guard.

1. It was done by an extremely small group, some problem creators which were not terrorist. They had some grudges, or someone asked them to do it for some money and they did it. Obviously the authorities (MI5, GCHQ et al) very busy flirting with the big fishes.

2. The question was never if it will happen, but how and when. Probably they came to know about it, and allowed them to do it, while they prepared for the speedy recovery. They estimated that no. of people killed would be less and manageable unlike the 9-11, or the terrorist destroying any of their "precious" monuments.

3. The last and the most scariest one. They actually prevented the mega catastrophe by some means or the other. What took place was only a small part, and yet they are in no position to disclose how worse it could have been for the very possible mass panic, and we know how efficient govts are at disaster management. All they could was to grind their teeth and keep shut finding a way out.


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