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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What do you need?

Hey, check this. Just goto Google, and type "[you name] needs" (in inverted commas, yes) and see your top answers..

Look at mine,
1.Gates needs to brush up on his Harry Potter (never read anyone of them, probably i do).
2.Gates needs to call Hector Santos (who is he? is it even a he?).
3.Gates needs more money (I wholesomely agree with it).
4.Gates needs your $$$$ (lets replace that with $$$$$$$$$$$$$).
5.Gates needs an Enemy of the Day the way you and I need water(no, thanks, i have already asked for a lot).

You may use your nicknames, make it case-sensitive and omit the repeated/ no-sense results. Try and tell me yours.


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