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Monday, September 19, 2005

Star and the Thames

"So whats the decision?", I asked,
As i eyed a star far away.
"No", anyone would have guessed,
Who cared a fuck anyway.

But on top of that,
He accused me of playin' games.
I was familiar with it,
As much as I'm with river Thames.

I continued my jog, like everyday,
Ran six, instead of usual three.
I sang curses all along the way,
I cooled down to a certain degree.

While eating dinner, later that night,
Tears came to my eyes.
Was I crying?
Or was it because of spice?

Date : July 26, 2005

Written just around the time when I shifted, staying alone and lost my phone. There couldn't be a worst timing. I remember I had got so frustated, arriving home and finding not a human in near vicinity. And people around me never understood it. "Emotions" and "Human needs" gene, something absent in my family.


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