Random Rumblings

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Surrounded by the barbed wall,
In the middle of nowhere, there is a place small.
From out, it looks like the toilet to virgin Mary,
Inside, this place would make even Hitler scary.

There are handful of teachers,
Who double-up as preachers.
They tell us how to “lead” the life,
Sometimes, feel like castrating them with a knife.

For the record, there are 91 students,
Some are lively, while others are just mundane.
In one way or the other, they are distorted,
Broken, lost, they are needed to be escorted.

There are some moments, which will touch your heart,
While others would taste like a stupid rum tart.
There are some people, whose life starts in this realm,
While for some others, its just a bad dream.

Its just a bad dream,
Its just a bad dream.

Author: Gates
Date: August 26, 2005
Time: English Period
Official disturbing moron: Dead Body


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