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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Onerously Maturescent

Sometimes I wish, how nice it would have been a psycho-case (seriously).

One of those people who didn't know what real world looked like, maybe eccentric and preferrably misanthropic. One of those who had no desires and expectations from life, who wouldn't be asked what they wanted to become, who wouldn't be ashamed of not able to sew their shirt buttons, or be crazy about hot choco fudge, who were just lost in their own world.

I have seen some of them, and can feel the secret desire at the back of the head. I can't say my life is bad or even boring, but I don't enjoy it, or probably I do and refusing to admit it.

Wish things could be simpler. You never know, probably I would have cribbed even if it would have been too simple. Its got a little boring. I wonder how are other people's...


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