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Monday, September 26, 2005

Fucked up

It’s a fucked up world
And a fucked up place
Everybody’s judged
by their fucked up face.

Fucked up dreams
and fucked up life.
Wanna kill everyone
With a fucked up knife.

Life at the camp. I hate it, I hate every bit of it.

Jhonny Bravo
The new character. Inorganic shit. Speaks so slow that you would need to record and fast fwd it to hear it properly. Ask the stupidiest question from what he hasn't even taught. And when you don't answer it, he gives that yellow teeth equipped frown, and his (eye) balls pop out.

Father de' melo.
My love for life. Latest, he divides the class, creates a little shit around trying to get them to go against me. My last conversation...

Setup : The camp, near the stairs. After a Modern physics test.
"So, did you crack the paper?"
"Yeah, all the way."
"Really? Cracked it huh" with a yellow smile.
"Yes, I definitely did"

Fartman 2
Totally frustated, I put my head down. And indelibrately sleep.
"Get up"
"Get up"
I get up, lost of what's happening.
"What happened?"
"Absolutely nothing", I said, under my breath.
"I mean, whats this, a joke????"
"Well, almost", audible enough for people around to hear it.
"Stand up. I want to see your face".
"That you can see, even when I'm sittin' ", under my breath this time. I stand for three minutes, him admiring me, and probably cooking up fetishes. Bell rings.

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