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Sunday, May 21, 2006

God bless him!

Jesus holy christ. "You know my roll no.??????"

"Yes, I had called up Sridhar to find it, its 8xxxxx isn't it?"

What the hell "You even remember it?"

"I've already tried findin' it out half a dozen times, don't worry I'll not give it to anyone."

I said goodbye and left, I shouldn't have been surprised he found it out if not from me, one thing I've learnt is to find a way, instead of dwellin' to the problem, get a goddamn solution. He called up the fancy princy to get it, knowin' well that I was reluctant, and wouldn't be givin' it. He knows that academics is somethin' I'm always reluctant to discuss, and maybe considered my weak point, not many over there except to hoarse attitude I've for love and shit like that (there you see how hoarse it is).

He's my uncle, maternal one, who is the relatively the person I like the most in my family. Also, the person the livin' person, I admire the most. Not often he was the one of which I'm the result what I'm now, directly of indirectly, and his home is the most I feel like my home, relatively again.

This post is dedicated to him.

Over years, I've heard from him, and heeded to a hell lotta stuff, even when I pretend that I don't. I just don't like admittin' it probably that I'm receptive to his suggestions, for people who know me, know, I'm usually not. He's the most practical guy in the family, and probably the only one who suggests me goin' for movie when its ok, gives money at a short notice when I need it without unneccessary questions, and doesn't mind me watchin' TV or usin' internet in the late hours of night, In short, no bullshit.

One thing I really love is the twinkle he has in his eyes when he is in good mood, and his face is flooded with geniune affection and smile. Hats off to him!

The dwell in solutions and not problems was somethin' I learnt from him, besides a lot other stuff... real life, streetwise, just the way I look a things. I'm indebted to him, for now, and for a lot time, only I dont' know how I'll ever payback. Cant write all stuff here... i'm too lazy for that.

God Bless him! from an Aethist that too


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