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Friday, August 19, 2005

English, Anglais, Angrezi

"I answered questions only from the first chapter", I said
"Questions? Questions!!"
"Thats what I said"
"No, its called questions not questions"

It took a moment before I realized what she was talkin about. She was pointing out that the pronounciation of question is kwe-stion and kwesh-tion. I was irritated but was too lazy to argue.

Its so buggin to see people correctin others pronounciation. Why can't they get it straight that same word can be pronounced in different accepted manners. All of them are equally right.

Sked-ule or sched-ule (For Schedule)
Maa-ch or mac (For Mach)
On-velope or En-velope (For envelope)

All of them are correct. Feel like tellin them "Mind your own blood accent and pronounciation. Haven't you got a better thing to do. Go get a life".


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