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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dream Stalkin'

Disclaimer: If you happen to dream that your girlfriend was with another of your girlfriend, then I am not responsible for it. Yes, I had absolutely no hand it.

For a couple of months this has become my pet fetish. More often than not, I get up late in the night, grab my Scribblo and jot down all the key words, people and action in fast paced illegible scribble. Strange?

It works, it tells what my already troubled body is sub consciously trouble about. What are the pressin' issues and sometimes some warnings, the nightmares.

A couple of them had snakes, fluroscent green ones and sparkin' diamond like eyes. Inumerable of them and me locked in a room. Yeah, that was real bad, takin' in account my not so good rapport with those "cute lookin creatures".

Then there was one with me drivin' a Volvo. That's why this job tops the list on my Alternative Jobs(c) list.

Jeez, it is a little spooky.



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