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Monday, March 20, 2006

Up down, NEXT!

For reasons not very known to me, cricket never interested me. My knowledge, or rather the lack of it was even more infuriated by the craze hoverin' around.

However recently, the mass jeerin' of Sachin irritated the hell outta me. I'm not a fan of him, heck 'm not a fan of anyone. I was irritated at the way the people (Is it just the Indians or the humans in universal perspective) act.

There was a time when Sourav Ganguly was on the top. God was worshipped for his success, and the whole nation roared when he scored the winnin' sixes. But then, he was caught up, caught up by other humans, for reasons I dunno nor I cared for. His brands - Hero Honda, Pepsi, Tata Indicom and a couple of others hid behind the bushes hopin' no one 'd remember that he endorsed them.

Comin' next was Sachin Tendulkar, the short guy with long list of records, and needless to mention endorsements (again!). He was crowned like a prince of England (or since he is short, Napoleon of France). Gifted a Ferrari, wow! called by Don Bradman (wasn't he?, and excuse me if the name is wrong), appreciated by the President of the neighbourin' country (easy guess who) and endorsement packages enough to fill a buffaloe's stomach. The pride of the nation. I know a person who changed his biscuit brand because of him!

And now its Rahul Dravid, the Hutch guy, also endorsin' Pepsi, Reebok, Bank of Baroda, Britannia, Castrol and a couple others. He's said to be the best captain India had in last few years and best walkin' wall batsman in the whole world. Whole India seems to be crazy 'bout him. The guy with a smile stuck to his face like a jelly belly, humble and polite, sweet, simply amazin'. Whatever!

He's different, you'd say. So were all the others. He plays game for the love of it. Tell me one batsman who said he played for the endorsements.

Personally, I've nothin' against him. I like him as a person, however my point is how long before he'd be pulled back to earth. The funny thin' is all the above batsman flew very high, and they did fall like a 747 'd didn't they.

The question is not if but when he'd be pulled by his teeth.

Irrespective, isn't cricket supposed to be a game?


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