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Saturday, November 18, 2006

How much?

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How much does it take to have a point of view?

How much to defend it?

How much does it take to look the other way?

To squeeze every moment for what its worth?

How much does it take to promise yourself that you'll live life on your own terms?

How much does it take to keep your promise?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Project TailFish

When I got this lovely Fishbowl (which's been on my head for a long time), The lightin' effect with the room light was very disappointin'. So I set upon settin' up my own, blueprint of which I laid out while havin' my dinner.

1. I need a lightin' system.
2. There is no way I can drill a nail in the wall hang this light because of its vertical orientation.
3. Though I'm bit of a sadist, I don't think I want my fish to be electrocuted by any chance.
4. Though I'm a li'l bit more of a sadist, I 'dn't like any harm to one a half-k-antiglare-light.
5. All settin's will be temporary capable of relocatin' in a minute's notice.
6. That the light shall not fall even if the table is moved accidently.

It took a total time of one-and-half hours (okay I admit, I was on phone most of the time while doin' this). The effect was worth it. Its soothin' to eyes.

P.S. I think those fishes have somethin' goin' on between them, so I'll put a coupla more so that they make a mess outta their relationship.
P.S. 2 I'm li'l bit more than li'l bit more of sadist I last mentioned.


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