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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Angel Eyes

Innocent eyes...
Originally uploaded by Gates.

Happiness, calmness, purity.
Facile emotions, intriguing depth.

"The Eyes have one language everywhere".

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bad gets worse

I had a headache, cold, cough and everything I didn't want on a Sunday. Sundays are important, they come only once a week. Took some medicines when I could take it no more (I hate medicines, next to syringes and doctors).

While coming back from dinner, I could hardly think anything, except about the headache, what I should do about it - one of suggestions being eat more ice-cream.

I fell down. I don't remember how much time I was there, or how I fell (probably I stumble on the boulder). Something was paining, my leg. I looked at it, there were no bruises, no cuts, yet the pain (as if I didn't have enough).

I thought I would call and tell someone, someone who I know wouldn't ask questions but rather get me some water, still deciding, I reached for Emily...

"What the fuck!!". Everything just swarmed in my head. I had her in my hands. I desparately looked around. 5 minutes and no sign of her.

I was in front of Accenture. I went to the security and asked officer for a flashlight. He asked me, which dept I was working for (what made him that I was even working). I explained the situation. He promptly sent a guard. As I was looking for her, several guards came and tried finding her.

Yet, I couldn't find her. Last year, 'today' she came into my life. And there she has left my life.

Don't feel like anything. I wanted to tell someone. I couldn't call the two odd nos. in my head, they were invalid or were no more in my life, just like her...

Feeling a little dizzy. I got the nos. from my online Address Book (most of them). I know I am not gettin another mobile, for its hopeless to explain my parents (whose not-so-secret desire is that I should not waste time on her) to get me another. Who said I was a human being?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Do it anyway...

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway...

If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish and having ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway...

No matter who you are, you will always have some false friends, and some true enemies.
Make friends anyway...

A trust which takes years to build, may be destroyed overnight.
Trust anyway...

Even if you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.
Be honest anyway...

The good you have done today maybe forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway...

Life is a competition, with others or with ourselves.
Live it anyway...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes
Originally uploaded by Gates.
I dunno why, whenever I see this picture, I can't stop myself from being happy (even if momentarily).

These are just so adorable!!!!


Forgive me,
For I am not what you see.
Everyday I wear a disguise,
Whats true, is beyond your eyes.

Fizzing Calmness,
Defines my name.
I touch every soul,
Everything seemingly in my control.

My feelings,
My stoic smile, shows nothing.
I wish you could think,
That probably I was bluffing.

I carve,
I die to be true.
I need your hand,
Even when I am scoffing at you.

I can live without you,
But please don't leave me.
To me, you mean nothing,
You are a part of me.

I notice, most of my poems are sad. They are so because, when I am happy, I am too happy to write, I can express it with something as simple as a smile.

While the reverse is not true.

Toilet in Swiss

Originally uploaded by Gates.
A public toilet in Swiss. Though glass is one way transparent, I still wonder who will use it. Just an addition to breathtaking scenes, seculded banks and yummy chocolates.

The design is par finesse...(Designed by the apple team?)


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