Random Rumblings

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Allow me to blab, for I need to, and I’ve not been able to find anyone who can listen to the whole thing and yet not interrupt with a “Enough!”, right when I’m at the first tenth of the whole thing.

Its got everything, except no, I can’t track the George Bush’s uncensored poses or go back in time.

For a li’l while, the light ambient sensor was a wonderful toy-in-a-toy. I’d cover the sensor and the keypad ‘d light up like magic, for the kids. They finally after a long discussion concluded that there was no “trick” as the eldest of all was claimin’….the bad part… they wanted me flip close the phone without touchin’ it.

The three hundred songs and contacts took a whole bloody hour to transfer. Yahoo’s new autosync, coupled with activesync is a breeze to use.

There is this book readin’ function which goes on standby mode after five minutes and locks itself, the amount of time, the eyes are supposed to be used causin’ lesser strain.

The MSN Messenger is more or less useless, for I’m an avid Yahoo! User, and even lesser so lately. FireFox for mobile is not developed yet, by the time it’ll be, I’ll probably switch to HTC S 710. my next Object ‘d Desire. I am able to sync my AOL India mail (the professional id)...blah blah..............blah!

There is this Voice Commander function, which drives my bro mad, for he can’t seem to dictate any “order” to her, without repeatin’ it a dozen times trying different voices, accents and words.

I give this wicked grin,
And say.
“Play Coldplay”,

And so she does.

She also craps with “….battery….critically low”, or that you’ve 7 missed calls, and goes on tellin’ the whole thing. Please note that I didn’t ask for it, she didn’t ask that I asked for it or not, the bitch!


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