Random Rumblings

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Soul searching...

I'm convinced that this anxiety running thru my life is the tension between what
"I should be" and what "I am". My anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the
future, but from wanting to control it. It seems to begin whenever I smuggle
into my mind an expectation about how I or others should be. It is the tension
between my desire to control the world... and the recognition that I can't.

Why do I judge my day with how much I have accomplished, instead of what
I have exprienced?

Why do we need to divide up, classify and neatly
package every new acquaintance? For me to try to classify something so complex
as a fellow human merely demonstrates my own shallowness. A judgement of another
person is an abstraction that adds qualities which are not there and leaves out
what is unique. When I classify individuals I turn them into non-living objects.
The only way for me to contact other people is to experience them, not think
about them..

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Heart and the bait?

I that see someone,
A silent smile on my face,
My heart beats faster,
Can it keep up the pace?

It’s not a search,
A very faint start no end,
It doesn’t follow a pattern,
And there is only one trend.

Is she the one, is she not?
Its difficult even to talk.
Has cupid struck big time?
Its no cakewalk

I am not sure what to do,
On my mind are many thoughts,
Should I express my love?
Or should I wait and watch.

I guess its better to wait,
Maybe she wont be mine
I can just hope n pray,
That one-day all will be fine.

And yes, it happens anywhere anytime,
It doesn’t wait for a season,
And like something things in life,
Love too doesn’t have a reason

And dont be surprised
Love is something I hate
Even when it knows the pain
Why the hell does the heart falls for the bait?


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