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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to the ITC Infotech Family!

There is somethin' very horribly wrong with this job letter coverpage ( Rest is marked confidential). Put your thinkin' cap and guess what?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Prax got lucky, got canny, and got a 30GB Microsoft Zune

Last month, which was incidentally the last month of the year also, I was scrougin' for humans with a mobile connection, two bucks balance, two minutes of time, and two ounce of patience.

G.i.f.t.m.a.t.e., a P.a.y.m.a.t.e. (names written to avoid any possible trace searches back to this page, not like it matters) associate company was distributin' free vouchers for Rs. 250 to anyone who'd try mobile payment service, initally offered to only Citibank, and now offered to ABN-AMRO, Corporation and "Some other" bank.

What I did was chanced upon this idea of collectin' them for it was no tough job, and later discovered, not so easy either.  I was makin' a cool 2.5K-3K a day. Thats 75K-90K a month, holy crap! The catch, I couldn't cash it, just could shop online incl my favourites: Indiaplaza.in, Futurebazaar.com, Indiatimes.com and Rediff Shopping.

That was my average for the 5 days I did this thing, buggin' everyone to (receive and) send the SMS. If I'd have updated the people's mobile nos. with the my address book, it'd have a overhaul, but that time I was too involved to think 'bout it.

First I wanted to buy an Aspire 5310 WXMI, but by the time the offer ended, and it just ended, there was no last date, I ended up with, to use the term, quater of a million. I got myself Microsoft Zune 30GB, and rest intend to convert to liquid cash by my makin' online payments for some friends.IMG_0020

No. of people I contacted Close to 90
People who wanted to and were able to "gift" me the voucher. 48%
People who didn't want to and still gifted me the voucher. 4%
People who kept the voucher for themselves, dorks! 4%
People who wanted to but couldn't due to no-balance, sms illiterate, hopelessly careless, etc. reasons 7%
People who just gave their mobile tellin' "Do it yourself" 10%
People who refused to give their no. to me. 4%, (all girls, bloggers.)
Successful transfers 62%


Thank you! For those who did, couldn't or didn't, you've helped in different ways.

P.S. I feel like blabbin' 'bout MS Zune, hell!


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