Random Rumblings

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Surrounded by the barbed wall,
In the middle of nowhere, there is a place small.
From out, it looks like the toilet to virgin Mary,
Inside, this place would make even Hitler scary.

There are handful of teachers,
Who double-up as preachers.
They tell us how to “lead” the life,
Sometimes, feel like castrating them with a knife.

For the record, there are 91 students,
Some are lively, while others are just mundane.
In one way or the other, they are distorted,
Broken, lost, they are needed to be escorted.

There are some moments, which will touch your heart,
While others would taste like a stupid rum tart.
There are some people, whose life starts in this realm,
While for some others, its just a bad dream.

Its just a bad dream,
Its just a bad dream.

Author: Gates
Date: August 26, 2005
Time: English Period
Official disturbing moron: Dead Body

Facts of life

1. Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks everyone.
2. Newton's gravity is all bullshit, basically earth sucks.
3. Don't drink water, fishes have sex in it.

Friday, August 19, 2005

English, Anglais, Angrezi

"I answered questions only from the first chapter", I said
"Questions? Questions!!"
"Thats what I said"
"No, its called questions not questions"

It took a moment before I realized what she was talkin about. She was pointing out that the pronounciation of question is kwe-stion and kwesh-tion. I was irritated but was too lazy to argue.

Its so buggin to see people correctin others pronounciation. Why can't they get it straight that same word can be pronounced in different accepted manners. All of them are equally right.

Sked-ule or sched-ule (For Schedule)
Maa-ch or mac (For Mach)
On-velope or En-velope (For envelope)

All of them are correct. Feel like tellin them "Mind your own blood accent and pronounciation. Haven't you got a better thing to do. Go get a life".

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Theory of Relativity

I dunno if its by any chance related to the one proposed by E=mc2 guy. But I am great fan of my way of Theory of Relativity.

According to it. Everything in the world is relative. Everything affects everything else. And this is no philosophical bullshit. Peace is the state of mind of you accept this theory.

Everyone is rich and everyone is poor. Everyone is beautiful and everyone is ugly. Everyone is superior and inferior at the same time. Everything is good and bad. Everything is expensive and cheap. Everything is useful and useless.

All at the same time. It all depends the way you see it (and the way you don't).

Saturday, August 06, 2005

London blasts

Finally after a few days of actual incident, I came to know about it. (I read newspapers as frequently as once a month). My theories of why authority was (supposedly) taken off guard.

1. It was done by an extremely small group, some problem creators which were not terrorist. They had some grudges, or someone asked them to do it for some money and they did it. Obviously the authorities (MI5, GCHQ et al) very busy flirting with the big fishes.

2. The question was never if it will happen, but how and when. Probably they came to know about it, and allowed them to do it, while they prepared for the speedy recovery. They estimated that no. of people killed would be less and manageable unlike the 9-11, or the terrorist destroying any of their "precious" monuments.

3. The last and the most scariest one. They actually prevented the mega catastrophe by some means or the other. What took place was only a small part, and yet they are in no position to disclose how worse it could have been for the very possible mass panic, and we know how efficient govts are at disaster management. All they could was to grind their teeth and keep shut finding a way out.


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