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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life in U3

I'm hugely dependant on one thing, My U3 Cruzer.... In the small pockety (the one you hardly use, in your jeans, and then since sometimes I even sleep in them, its the most convenient thing on earth, well, more or less) lies the most powerful external application storage unit on earth.

Its equipped enough that you can't touch a darn thing inside without my permission. The firewall is better than Chicken Fiery and can give, or rather gives all the major industry honcos a nice kick!

The integrated launch access, and portable applications along with huge GB storage is all I need.Now I hardly do anythin' (Not like I did anythin' anyway, anyways), One password (I'm privacy frantic if nothin' else) and I have the access to my Virtual life, and its pretty big jungle outta there!

Now, if only I could plug it in my head :-(

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its Rockin'

Energetic, Vibrant, Euphoric!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


All Saints Cathedral
Originally uploaded by Gates.
Religion is beyond me, and goin' to ruins, places of historic interest is a major bore...however this is wuddyacallit, Aesthetic feast.
I'm not expected to go inside, am I? Hopeless hopefuls!

Beautiful City. There are actual big elegant bungalows outta there, not like the ones in B'lore where you have a 6' x 4' garden and a portico-cum-parkin' lot.

The telecoms sector is a bliss, you have the wonderful Hutch and Innovative Idea, havin' an array of best connection plans. The only other place I saw this was Pune.

Come to think of it, I remember Idea was a JV between Birla group, AT&T and Tata, but isn't Tata a rival, how is it okay to hold interest in rival company??

The people are warm and friendly, the rick guy who knows 'bout the Train routes down to details to the history of the city, includin' the reminiscent of the No-Indians-Zone in Pre-independence Era.

Bawdy Good!


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