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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Universal language

Ever wondered how is it that you know exactly what the other person thinks? Or what kinda person he is? or somethin' inside you that tells you a rough lifestyle story of a person without even sayin' a single word? and what's more, it turns out to be true?

Have you?
No, think again, have you?
No, really try thinkin' for once, have you?

I dunno if this theory already exists, but welcome to the Cosmic language theory.

Based on the fact that there is exchange of data between two humans without use of your vocal cords. That what you communicate consciously has already been communicated unconsciously and you will not consciously realize it. That the prime functional organ is not your buccal cavity or your ears but your eyes. That you are connected to the person your eyes meet.

I dunno why, but just tryin' to read this language, the very effort of tryin', makes a lot of difference. Ask yourself, haven't you wanted sometimes, that someone should just read your brain for words do no justice to the intangible reality? Or someone just did that? how was that?

Roughly an week ago, i was standin' on roadside, just then a very old woman caught my hand, she looked at me. I waited for her to say somethin'. She didn't. Roughly ten secs, I waited and yet nothin' (its very funny you see, its not all that comfy I assure you) Probably she was disabled. But for some reasons, I understood, she wanted me to help her cross the road.

I helped her cross it, and came back to where I was. I asked how stupid could I get, what if she didn't really wanned to and yet, I made her cross the road? This is very funny, I told myself, and yet, inside was certain that even I'd laugh out even on Messiah if he said that I was wrong.

The only thing I wonder is why is there an uncomfortable feelin' that I'm not part of it, but merely an outlander lookin' at it. That things are goin' to happen, as if I have already seen this movie half a dozen times. That you know the end, and worse, you don't like it.

Sometimes, there are things we just know, we just know its there, no reasonin' at all can make complete justice, its written somewhere in this universe, you just read it.

Muktub, its written, just read it. The eclat of the sacrosanstity will make you stop believin' in coincidences.

Similar exprience?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Road to nowhere

My room
Originally uploaded by Gates.

Funny thing this last week. After givin'my room owner the notice stipulatin' 1 month within which I shall leave my lovely room and sooner, say goodbye to this city.

She was all sweet tellin' that it was nice havin' me over there, that I'm a very good guy and shall do well in life. That I needed to see a doc since 've been coughin' every night, for she dare not brought up the smokin'thing.

Started packin' bigtime, sealin' off personal stuff and noticin' that probably they will stay so for a very long time. Callin' up various people and fixin' up rendezvous for I'll not be able to meet them in comin' time. (you should look at the look of disbelief on my maid's face when she came in next day).

Most of anythin' I desparately wanna change my mobile and more importantly the no. once move out for it still keeps me tagged to this part.

Incidentally, I started cleanin' off my mail box and my online photo collection also. Archivin' personal mails, so they may possibly be never opened. Deletin' contacts (9, highest no. in a single week). puttin' commas and full stop in relationships. And shit like that.

Felt nauseous at whole stuff for most of them brought memories, good and more often bad. But had to do it, a man has to do what a man has to do.

Takin' the road nowhere, me and myself.


Lovely moon

City Moon Ground
Originally uploaded by holy.
Switchin' off the phone,
Turned, I opened the door.
After a bout of cough,
Lookin' up, starin' the lovely moon.

I'll not think 'bout her,
Lest I swoon.
Mea Culpa?
You tell me, o lovely moon.

Livin' on cigarettes,
Turnin' into a sick prune.
I gotta do somethin' 'bout it,
Edible you? lovely moon.

I'm tired of this place,
Where's my lagoon?
I wanna go somewhere.
Comin' na, lovely moon.

I'm fine, I gotta be,
Shall put life in this ruin.
Don't need no Messiah, never,
For with me is lovely moon.

Am I staunch?
Or am I one goon?
I'm what I am,
Don't believe me? ask lovely moon.

Try snatchin' my sky away,
Its gonna stay, even today.
I can start from the start,
What say? lovely moon.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Originally uploaded by Gates.
DNA happen to feature my blog in its specials page... the only thing' I regret is for completely wrong topic, 'm hardly interested in cricket.

At http://www.dnaindia.com/specials/blog06.htm


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