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Sunday, December 10, 2006

What the hell!

Whoa, this is funny, first eat up your competitions' market, and next eat up the competition itself. I wonder if they've got Western Digital on their platter next!

Nokia launches Wibree! I wonder its gonna give competition to Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBree and wireless USB.

B'lore is proposed to WiMax, the second city in the whole world after Taeipe (did I get that spellin' right?). But then its govt. and its gonna take some hell lotta time. Probably it'll be outdated by the time it comes this way.

Gates hasn't got a laptop yet...sigh! I'm a certified logizomechanomaniac!

Revisited 2

2006 is comin' to an end, and at what a lovely note...

5. I get my DL.
In this country corruption is more efficient than govt. for that matter, most of the things are most efficient than govt. Not only it took a jiff, but I even got a call when it was ready. My super-cool laminated DL which serves as signature proof, add. proof and ID proof. Oh yes, it permits me to drive a coupla vehicles also.. no trucks, sigh!

4. I get to control my financial sphere.
Oui, I do. From the personalized checkbook to MasterCard to Mutual fund houses which refer to me as "Dear valued investor". Just wonderin' when the hell do I become a millionaire.

3. Windows Vista is released.
Comin' up next, delayed till Feb 2007, and hell, I might as well buy a laptop next year. You can't miss it, its copied most of the stuff Apple has ;-)

2. I will be 18.
Now I can legally get into adult rated movies, not like anyone stopped me before from Dhoom 2 to Casino Royale. Now I can legally do this...legally do that...blah blah, the list goes on.

1. I get out of my ultra-sucky college.
The most wonderful of all, the effects, now minimizin', boy 'm so glad I got outta that shitpit...the place..people...everythin' irks me when I think 'bout it.

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