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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Once upon a time....that's how I wanted to start my next post and I don't care if it looks odd..

So comin' back

Once upon a time... there were four GoldFishes Golly, Goldie, Gluda and Gennet.

Golly and Gennet passed away (either that or eaten by my bro) when I had been outta town.

Gluda had some kinda gastric (or gastronomic?) trouble, for when I returned I found him eager to throw up (I was later told Father tried treatin' him). It died and was buried in the kitchen dustbin.

Goldie is still here...she's become like a dog, standin' on its bottom when I come to give it food. Actually she floats, but it looks like that Tom&Jerry fish doin' those antics.. comin' over the surface for the appetizer, the main course....take its time and then come back for dessert, even though its the same goddamn food ;-) Its fat, but honestly, I can't recall if she looked thinner any given day. She gets better meals than I do (three times a day, when I wake up, 3 o clock and midnight) and every now and then she acts as if its white shark, or blue whale or somethin'...looks very fishy!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


  • Its been a bad four-quarters, I've lost three mobile phones, Two U3 flash drives and two SD cards, one bein' yesterday, its adaptor on right, incl a lotta head. I think I've started likin' HP iPaq 512
  • With it went contacts, a fistful of notes, and blogs which I couldn't post, Maximum Delhite, Lajawab Nawabs, TailFish2, Cat-mate, Cousin and Cuisine, Viva de Violence and others I can't possibly recall.
  • With it went a lotta peace of mind, like really a hell lot not to mention monetary loss.
  • I discovered that i love macro-photography. And keep shootin' stuff, at three o clock night.
  • Found Sonia Gandhi hotter than Sharon Stone at the UN general assembly.
  • Quitely celebrated when India lost the recent match, and wondered the reaction of media, had they lost the Twenty-20 also. Lack of experienced players was the headline I thought I'd see.
  • Wondered as why it was celebrated, with new trend all news channel showin' their plush offices, and almost muttered to myself, they are actin' as if they 've won the worldcup, and realized how weird it sounded.
  • Tried findin' out that distinct perfume which made me feel delirious. Since it was very faint, I'd stop breathin' and breathe in again, so I could get another whiff.
  • Ate somethin' thinkin' it was chicken nuggets, and loved it even better, now I'm tryin' to find out what its called.
  • Made and canceled trips to New Delhi (again, I think I love the city), Chennai, B'lore and Pune.
  • I've gotta backache from sleepin' endlessly, if you're to believe that.

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