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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hot Chocolate Fudge Magnum

The ultimate thing on earth

Four scoops of Vanilla icecream
Two portions of (really) hot chocolate
A tablespoon of crushed peanuts

Couldn't think of a better combination.

Just incidentally, I have lost craze for this thingy also. I hope I am not ill.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Green Frost

I wonder what shall I do,
About this.
Everything is perfect, yet,
there is something amiss.

I'm alive,
Walking and talking.
Yet at the back of the head,
something is knocking.

Am I missing someone,
Am I missing something.
Or is it,
I'm fussing over nothin'.

Feeling empty inside,
Completely lost.
Its snowing, its cold,
I can't remove this frost.

Date: September 15, 2005
Time: Organic chemistry.

Fucked up

It’s a fucked up world
And a fucked up place
Everybody’s judged
by their fucked up face.

Fucked up dreams
and fucked up life.
Wanna kill everyone
With a fucked up knife.

Life at the camp. I hate it, I hate every bit of it.

Jhonny Bravo
The new character. Inorganic shit. Speaks so slow that you would need to record and fast fwd it to hear it properly. Ask the stupidiest question from what he hasn't even taught. And when you don't answer it, he gives that yellow teeth equipped frown, and his (eye) balls pop out.

Father de' melo.
My love for life. Latest, he divides the class, creates a little shit around trying to get them to go against me. My last conversation...

Setup : The camp, near the stairs. After a Modern physics test.
"So, did you crack the paper?"
"Yeah, all the way."
"Really? Cracked it huh" with a yellow smile.
"Yes, I definitely did"

Fartman 2
Totally frustated, I put my head down. And indelibrately sleep.
"Get up"
"Get up"
I get up, lost of what's happening.
"What happened?"
"Absolutely nothing", I said, under my breath.
"I mean, whats this, a joke????"
"Well, almost", audible enough for people around to hear it.
"Stand up. I want to see your face".
"That you can see, even when I'm sittin' ", under my breath this time. I stand for three minutes, him admiring me, and probably cooking up fetishes. Bell rings.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Should I stay?

Sometimes I think,
Everytime I blink.
Something changes around,
not making slightest sound.

Its air,
Wind, zephyr, breeze
They'll be there,
Till my life cease.

Its sights near,
Warm, scary, hurried.
They'll be there,
Till I'm buried.

Its people near,
Affectionate, cold, ruthless.
They'll be there,
Till I'm breathless.

Dunno what to do,
Dunno what to say.
Shall I stay?
Or throw my life away?

Date: September 21, 2005
Time: Maths Exam. (Free period)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Star and the Thames

"So whats the decision?", I asked,
As i eyed a star far away.
"No", anyone would have guessed,
Who cared a fuck anyway.

But on top of that,
He accused me of playin' games.
I was familiar with it,
As much as I'm with river Thames.

I continued my jog, like everyday,
Ran six, instead of usual three.
I sang curses all along the way,
I cooled down to a certain degree.

While eating dinner, later that night,
Tears came to my eyes.
Was I crying?
Or was it because of spice?

Date : July 26, 2005

Written just around the time when I shifted, staying alone and lost my phone. There couldn't be a worst timing. I remember I had got so frustated, arriving home and finding not a human in near vicinity. And people around me never understood it. "Emotions" and "Human needs" gene, something absent in my family.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Onerously Maturescent

Sometimes I wish, how nice it would have been a psycho-case (seriously).

One of those people who didn't know what real world looked like, maybe eccentric and preferrably misanthropic. One of those who had no desires and expectations from life, who wouldn't be asked what they wanted to become, who wouldn't be ashamed of not able to sew their shirt buttons, or be crazy about hot choco fudge, who were just lost in their own world.

I have seen some of them, and can feel the secret desire at the back of the head. I can't say my life is bad or even boring, but I don't enjoy it, or probably I do and refusing to admit it.

Wish things could be simpler. You never know, probably I would have cribbed even if it would have been too simple. Its got a little boring. I wonder how are other people's...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Holy smokes

Just before the starting of the movie:

"Statutory warning: Smoking cigarette is injurious to health".

It was a stupid thing. In fact, it was the stupid thing.What has the movie gotta do with smoking? Anything at all?

And if it was issued in any kind of public interest, I still wonder who is gonna say, "Oh dear, see that, they have opened my eyes. I never read that warning on packs. I am gonna stop smokin' ".

Plain stupid,
Just bloody plain stupid.


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