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Friday, August 18, 2006


I was eagerly waiting for 2006. 5 reasons why...

5. I get my DL.
Hell, its easier to learn both car and bike six time over than to get a driver's license in this country. I think I'll apply for CPL (commerical pilot license) and 'd not be surprised if I get it before the DL itself.

4. I get to control my financial sphere.
Like hell I'll... I've got no money, so how in the world 'm gonna control it. After I get outta this cafe, 'm gonna end up with a zilch!

3. Windows Vista is released.
Let's see, its supposed to..but then I don't have a comp... $@#%

2. I will be 18.
Its funny, but its not makin' a lotta difference. Yes, 'm formally an adult, that just means toleratin' more bullshit! and not sulk 'bout it.

1. I get out of my ultra-sucky college.
This one 'm not so sure. Agreed the faculty was control freak, but I like two three of them. The canteen sucked bigtime, but it had the best finger chips on Sat evening and Mountain Dew most of the time, very handy. the rules were crappy, but it was nice findin' your way thru it.... okay enough!

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