Random Rumblings

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Even god can't decide on a man's fate and a woman's character. I am just a mortal!

I don't know if I read them somewhere. But this line suddenly dawned upon me few days ago and its been in my head since then.

Female fraternity is the most complex phenomenon on earth. (I don't think anyone will aruge with that). They believe what appears right to them. Or rather they don't believe anything. or.... I don't think it can be described. If you praise them, she will think you are flattering her for something. If you don't you are good for nothing moron. If you talk, she wants you to listen. If you listen, they want you to talk. If you kiss her, you are not a gentleman. If you do, you are not a man (chicken?) No matter what, there is always something.

Lately, I declared myself a misogynst. (You would have done the same if more than three people in a week, read girls, told you that you are jobless and should keep your mouthshut. Esp. if no one told you that before :-) And even when they appear to be purely selfless...watch out!

I held a high place for girls. Love, care, understanding and....crap. For some reasons, they will always trust the person who they shouldn't trust. And...whatever. who is bothered. Men are cars, girls are drivers. If you have the wrong driver...you crash

I hate good, decent girls. Problem: Gates gets attracted to them. Bigger Problem: Gates doesn't like it. (Yes, he always finds a Gulfstream 5 hotter than Aishwarya Rai). Another problem, he doesn't treat girls as girls should be. (that might sound good, till he pours a bottle of PEPSI on the girl not giving him Munch).

Anyway....this girlie girl mystery I believe is much bigger than how earth came into this world. Statuory warning: If you are sane enough. Don't fall in love. You are signing up for a free (ok...it atleast appears so) suicide product. Put on you HAZMAT suit...this thing is damn hazardous.

Despite myself. I will always be grateful to...Poo who is the sweetest and most simple girl I ever met. (You will know that when you meet her and know her for something like 7 yrs). A girl who stood for me when no one else did (yes,literally, she stood up) and a class mate who shares her priceless home made lunches to me, without me asking for them (no further comments, she is a big bully :-). I will never forget them, what they did for me...never!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


(First thing that comes to head) Emily... hey that's such a sweet name, is she your girlfriend?

Well, in a way she is. She is my mobile phone. Samsung C100. Now why in the world would anyone talk about that? Because, she is special to me, in a very special way. She sometimes the only one whom I can talk to (or rather talk through). She's there with me...always helping me go through this ruthless cruel world.

How did I meet her. Well not much, her beauty caught my eye (or rather the ad showing a beauty holding her) I met her. Discovered her...and here she is in front of me.

How did I get her (thats a problem with all girls, how do you get them). I told my uncles I wanted someone to talk to. They very reluctantly agreed. I chased her and decided. On 19 Jun, Sat I went to my maternal uncle. It was after 8. I in a very soft (and to some extent scared voice) asked. When will I get her (no...not marry her). He said "wanna buy?" (no, I wanted to dance with her). I showed her resume to him. And then...he made calls, we went visited two shops, didn't find them agreeable.
It was ten. And it was deja vu. I was not getting her...I suggested another shop, a little far away (half accepted he will disagree). We went to the shop, he asked them for the mobile. Negotiated in a cavalier way and voila...she was there with me.

I got something without compromise, after a very long time (I guess...there was no last time too). I was ebullient... That was one of the happiest day of my life.


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