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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What do you need?

Hey, check this. Just goto Google, and type "[you name] needs" (in inverted commas, yes) and see your top answers..

Look at mine,
1.Gates needs to brush up on his Harry Potter (never read anyone of them, probably i do).
2.Gates needs to call Hector Santos (who is he? is it even a he?).
3.Gates needs more money (I wholesomely agree with it).
4.Gates needs your $$$$ (lets replace that with $$$$$$$$$$$$$).
5.Gates needs an Enemy of the Day the way you and I need water(no, thanks, i have already asked for a lot).

You may use your nicknames, make it case-sensitive and omit the repeated/ no-sense results. Try and tell me yours.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The truth about lies

I had always been more fascinated by deception than I have been with truth. The underlying certainity of truth is prosaic. But it takes stature both to lie, and to understand that the person in front of you is lying.

Innumerable number of times, I have seen people lying, to fellow human. And it has always caught my imprudent attention. I don't remember objectin' it. I see with admiration people camoflougin' the truth in their own characterstic subtle, yet apparent ways.

Its another form, pretension, where people live lie instead of just speakin' is not all that funny, becuase probably its justified to an extent. Humans have always wanted to want what they didn' have.

And then, there is distortion, where you speak truth, but not all of it, that's even wonderful, and nasty.

"No mask like open truth to cover lies,
As to go naked is the best disguise."


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