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Friday, June 16, 2006

Uncanny resemblance

Imagine my disbelief, when I found out that one of my frequently used Maxims, "To forgive once is ordinary, to forgive twice is extraordinary, but a third time is foolish!" bore an uncanny resemblance to the word I stumbled upon.

Ilunga, voted as the world's most untranslable word, from a language spoken in Congo which designates the type of people willing to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third."

And here I was thinkin' all this while that it was original. The degrees of separation, everythin' is already been thought of.. (sighs)

Friday, June 09, 2006

The return of Bloodhounds

News headline Feb 03, 2012. Today IIT, Bangalore was opened, continuin' the presitigious IIT tradition, with a whoppin' 7.5% seats for General category.

Politics doesn' interest me one bit, and I'd not have bothered writin' this down, had it not affected my chances of gettin' seats in a good college.

Rhetorically, reservations for the high class people were frowned upon by everyone. Just changin' the ground rules by makin' it against the general citizens and givin' it a fancy tag, that its for the upliftment of the backward classes, is discrimination none the less and should be scrapped away, once and for all.

One who gets a seat by the aid of their denomination of birth at any of the elite institutions, isn't worthy of it. Previously I used to look upon a SC/ST student with sympathy. No more, now I see them the people who are snatchin' bread (and butter) of normal people like me.

How tough is it to understand that every part of society is important and neccessary, that people with poor socio-economic background play role as important as the forward ones, and that they cannot be done without.

Government should keep in mind, that their role in education is that of a watchdog, directin' the right way, and not the bloodhounds, because then there will be blood, lot of blood.


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